Nickodemus Presents Turntables on the Hudson Volume 8: Reflecting Cielo

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Official Release Date: June 28, 2011

Yet another from the Turntables on the Hudson crew! Here's the new compilation celebrating their monthly Friday residency at NYC's Cielo. This party platter features more of the sounds & artists that have dropped by with Nickodemus on the big Funktion One sound-system over the past 8 years!

Things kick off with Mr.Scruff's infamous "Pickled Spider", a ripping dubstepper track with huge wobbly bass, urging all dancers to the floor! The compilation also touches on the frequently played hits such as SUMO's "Zwakalani" as well as some unreleased grooves such as Afrolicious' "Dub for Mali", Quantic's "Sol Clap" & Nickodemus' Remix of Jeremy Sole's "Skalypso Vamp!"

Here you have the advance digital version pre-release including some bonus tracks! Release parties for this comp will be August 5th @ Cielo NYC, Aug 6th @ Public Works SF, Aug 13th @ theLift LA. Please spread the word & enjoy this new release nice & load on a good sound-system!!

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Turntables on the Hudson 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY RELEASE!
Here's our DIGITAL links to the new TOTH 10 Year Anniversary release!!
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Nickodemus & Mariano Present
Turntables on the Hudson 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY 2 DISC SET!
Wonderwheel Recordings

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10 Years in business is no small accomplishment for anything in NYC! It's been especially difficult to have parties under the Giuliani Administration & it's lasting dark tone it had on NYC nightlife. The dance Music scene suffered for many years after & some say it's never fully recovered. So what gives this on-going event the endurance to last? It's all about the love of MUSIC... the love of COMMUNITY! This homegrown event began in 1998 & continues to have the DIY spirit that Nickodemus, Mariano & Nappy G started it with. In celebration, Nickodemus & Mariano compiled a 2 disc CD & an even more extensive Digital Download set of tunes that cover all the "Classics from the Catalogue" and the "New Party Favorites." These are the tunes that really give you an idea of the diverse & upbeat nature of this collective & their parties in NYC & around the World! Enjoy the sounds with the new Turntables on the Hudson 10 Year Anniversary edition!

CD-1 "Current Favorites"
1- Mi Swing es Tropical by Nickodemus & Quantic feat Hector "Tempo" Alomar (Zeb Reggae Remix)
2- Cumbia Infierno by Troba Kung-Fu (Toti & Andy Loop Fat Beat Remix)
3- Death of a Revolution by Quantic presenta: Flowering Inferno
4- Adir Adirim by Balkan Beat Box feat Victoria Hanna (Nickodemus Remix)
5- Conmigo by Nickodemus feat Sammy Ayala
6- Balkany & Flowers by Zeb
7- Felakesh by Zeb (Cay Taylan Remix)
8- Haba Na Haba by Nappy G (DJ Smash Remix)
9- Estan Llamando by Chico Mann
10- Greenwood Groove by Greenwood Rhythm Coalition
11- Our Father, Our King by Subatomic Sound System

CD-2 "Classics from the Catalogue"
1- Cleopatra in New York by Nickodemus feat Carol C
2- Mariposa by Nickodemus & Osiris feat Carol C
3- Brooklyn Ole by Nickodemus & Osiris
4- Let it Ride by Marzebian
5- For the Ladies by Zeb
6- Gibraltar by Nickodemus (Sabo & Zeb Remix)
7- Free Souls pt 2 by Nickodemus & Osiris
8- One for Senegal by The Pleb
9- Jump by Sabo & Zeb
10- Spoon Song by Nickodemus feat Carol C (Lee Davis Remix)
11- Desert Dancer by Nickodemus feat Andrea (Zeb's Slow Camel Ride Remix)
12- Chi Che by Marzebian


Nickodemus & Mariano Present
Turntables on the Hudson Volume Six Remix
Wonderwheel Recordings

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1. Sixtro - Sabo feat. Nappy G
2. Cleopatra in New York (Karuan Remix) - Nickodemus feat Carol C
3. Free Souls part 3 (Dublex Inc. Remix) - Nickodemus & Osiris
4. Che Lingua - Marzebian
5. Brobombique (Matthias Heilbron Remix) - Candela Allstars
6. Let it Ride (Ill Factor and Jean Shepherd Remix) - Marzebian
7. Wang Doodler Samba (DJ Chillfreeze Mix) - Dink Suoitinrev
8. Puerto Rico Pa Gozar - Quantic & Nickodemus feat Candela Allstars
9. Faruk's Funk (Matt Stein and Nickodemus arrangement) - Richard Khuzami
10. Bateria Virtual (DJ Enredo Remix) - Pleaser
11. JUMP (Beat Pharmacy Remix) - Sabo and Zeb feat Nappy G
12. The Circle (Jugoe Remix) - Zeb

Nickodemus & Mariano Present
Turntables on the Hudson Vol 5
TTOH/Giant Step Records

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1. Music Man - Origin feat. Shaka
2. Happy - Max Sedgley
3. Samba de Ile (Waiwan Remix) - Banda Favela
4. Keep On Searching - Kraak & Smaak
5. And I'll See You - Baby Mammoth
6. O Nosso Amor - Boyz From Brazil
7. Samba Consumo - S.U.M.O.
8. I Feel Music - Harlem Zip Code
9. Strike Hard - Trouble Man
10. No Mercy - The Pleb
11. Sunday Paper - Farid

Nickodemus & Mariano Present
Turntables on the Hudson Vol 4
TOTH/Giant Step Records

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1. Nickodemus feat. the Jammin Jumpers "Double Dutch"
2. Plastic Buddha "String Theory" (Nickodemus & Osirisí NY Hip Harmonic Remix)
3. Marzebian "Let it Ride"
4. Beat Pharmacy "Silhouettes"
5. Marzebian "Sandlewood"
6. The Pleb "One for Senegal"
7. Nu Perspective "Afro Brasiliero"
8. Baby Mammoth Finale" (Nickodemus & Osiris Remix)
9. Ilhan Ersahin "Oriental Wind"
10. Radio Mundial "Alma Latina Interlude"
11. Local 12 "Jesus el Beat"
12. Antibalas "Che Che Cole"
13. Nickodemus & Osiris feat. Carol. C. "Mariposa" Bonita Fly Mix
14. Raeo "Kaettekura"

Nickodemus & Mariano Present
Turntables on the Hudson Volume 3
Rhythm Love Records

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1. "El Rio Intro"
2. "Brooklyn Ole" Madrid de los Austrias (Nickodemus & Osiris Remix)
3. "Royal Marcha" Robin Jones featuring Bosco de Oliveira (Raj Gupta Vocal Mix)
4. "Oye Me" Local 12
5. "Shadow of a Bee" The Pleb
6. "Night" Osiris & Little Jay
7. "Short Back & Sides" 2 Cold
8. "Italian Radio Interlude"
9. "Resolutions" Metaprofessor
10. "Free Souls part 2" Nickodemus & Osiris
11. "Simba" Carla Alexandar
12. "Priye" Groove Collective (BellHop Remix)
13. "Desert Dancer" Nickodemus featuring Andrea Monteiro (Zeb's Slow Camel Ride Remix)
14. "Nature Loving Dub" Ticklah

Nickodemus & Mariano Present
Turntables on the Hudson Vol 2
Rhythm Love Records

1. (212) Intro - Nickodemus & Mariano
2. Pamplemousse - Phillip Aupperle
3. Dove Estuta - Madrid de los Austrias
4. Jingo - Kalawang (aka Ron Trent)
5. Disco Samba - Smash Hunter
6. Some People - Groove Collective
7. In Your Arms - Seph & Sven
8. Cleopatra in New York - Nickodemus featuring Carol C
9. Sufism - Zeb
10. Battle of the Species - Antibalas
11. Gibraltar - Nickodemus featuring Zeb
12. Tribute to Tito Puente - Nappy G
13. La Lluvia - Local 12 (Nickodemus & Osiris remix)

Nickodemus & Mariano Present
Turntables on the Hudson Vol 1
Rhythm Love Records

1. Nappy G - Intro
2. Nickodemus feat Carol C. - Spoon Song (Lee Davis Remix)
3. Astronauts of Antiquity - Same Ground (Nickodemus & Zeb remix)
4. Neutrino - I Think Both Understood
5. Soul Kid Allstars - Take One
6. Circadian Rhythm - Seven Seas
7. Single Digit Warriors - Sound Waves
8. Live Interlude (from the party)
9. DJ Smash - Dakatari
10. Martha Cinader -When the Body Calls
11. Derek Sessions - 61 Swing
12. Pleaser -I Wanna Be Loved
13. Zeb - For the Ladies
14. Outro (from the party)
15. Pleaser - Dream Girl


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